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Programmi Europei


Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: from technology to system

(Toward an integrated E-Mobility system)


European Programs on “Green Car“ line: the ATA contribution

The technology for the electric motorization for the road vehicle is adequately consolidated, on the basis of research and development activities in many decades, for which CRF and Fiat Group have been working.

The wide diffusion of electric and hybrid vehicles requires now the support of an appropriate network of technical assistance service, maintenance and repair, specially skilled for new technologies and an infrastructure for energy transfer grid-to-vehicle.

ATA is partner of three Programs of the European Commission addressing three issues in this development line:

The Project TECMEHV, dedicated to training courses for professional formation of operators in the field of technical assistance, maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles: it features as a sequential operating complement, technology oriented, related to the on board energy transfer “Tank to Wheel”.

The Project EV CONNECT, focusing on the definition of a Road Map for the development and structuring of a network for energy supply points Grid – Vehicle complemented by an information connecting network for vehicle – infrastructure communication: it relates to the operational issue of energy transfer “Grid to Tank”.

The Project FABRIC, dedicated to the feasibility analysis and assessment of a system for electric energy supply to the vehicle in dynamic operation by magnetic inductive wireless transfer, with a distributed infrastructure: it give a response to the issue of power transfer “Grid to Wheel”.