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16 aprile 2012

EAEC 2013 Conference

14th EAEC Congress 11–13 June 2013 Mobility:Engineering Challenges for the Future of Road Transport Systems - Call for Papers

EAEC 2013 will address the following four challenges:

Decarbonisation and energy efficiency
● What are the future energy sources? How will energy be distributed, stored
and delivered? What will be the mix of energy and the CO2  footprint?
● Future powertrains - improvement of gasoline and diesel engines, hybrids,
electrical drives, fuel cells, powertrains adapted to alternative fuels
● Vehicle concepts - lightweight, advanced material and joining

Safety and security
● Active safety technologies, HMI, applicability, car2car, car2x, autonomous
and highly automated driving
● Passive safety vs. lightweight, load adaptive materials, rollover and
pedestrian protection
● Reliable and safe functioning of traffic and vehicle systems
● Security from manipulative 3rd party interference

Transport efficiency
● Traffic and energy efficient driving
● Infrastructure for cooperative systems
● New challenges in traffic and navigation
● Urban traffic, intermodality and  mobility services
● Road transport in 2030

Interaction of the car and the digital world
● HMI solutions
● Software & hardware architecture and interfaces
● Trends in mobile devices and mobility
● Keeping pace with the development cycles of portable devices
● Making the vehicle a viable platform for applications
● Protecting safety-critical software from outside interference 

To submit your abstract for EAEC 2013, please visit the Authors Area of the
web site: http://www.eaec2013.com/

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